Our Software

Over the years, we’ve provided software solutions for our clients, but recently we’ve also released our own range of software. Why not take a look at these links to see the type of system we can provide for you ?

Chronos – This is our flagship remote worker management system. If you have workers out in the field, you can manage them and their workload with this. We’ve tailored it for the heating, electrical, plumbing and property management industries, but we can easily add the paperwork and workflow for any industry that relies on lone workers. We’ve designed the web site, back end systems, Windows desktop software and the app for iOS/Android.

Navuu – We’re working with a partner on a brand new navigation system. Postcodes can only get you near a location, people don’t remember Latitude and Longitude co-ordinates, but a NAVUU code is easily remembered and easily shared. We’ve designed the web site, back end systems and the app for iOS/Android.