Treasurer’s Report 01/05/2018 to 30/04/2019

Throughout this financial year, we have continued to offer help to a number of patients and carers, not all of whom have taken up those offers.  In total we have spent £268.80 during this financial year.  This is somewhat less than last year, but it must be appreciated that patients’ needs, and circumstances naturally vary from year to year, as result of which, expenditure will fluctuate.

In addition to the kind of help that we have provided previously, we have encountered some new and unusual types of support including counselling, and remain open to considering any form of assistance that might benefit the recovery of patients.

All new patients now receive a wallet in which to store their initial patient information and on-going appointments, reports, etc..

This has only been possible due to the continued generous support of the Members and other benefactors.  Your support of raffles has once again been magnificent, and we have also received a number of generous donations, two of which were made by patients who felt the need to express their gratitude for the treatment that they had received from the hospital.

We have received a gift aid refund to the value of £80.05, which prompts me to reiterate the benefits of gift-aiding.  If you are a UK taxpayer, and would wish your donation to be accepted as a Gift Aid Donation, may I please urge you to complete the Gift Aid Declaration form, which is available to download here and return it to The ABC Club.  Thank you so much to those who have chosen the ABC Club as the recipient of your fund-raising activities and also to the individuals who have so generously supported us.

Once again I offer a sincere thank you to everyone for your ongoing support.

Andrew Copson